“You’ve got a voice and people will be interested to hear what you have to say. You’re not yet fifty. Everyone is writing about how fabulous it is to be in their fifties, or how great it is to be forty… but how does it feel to be forty nine? That’s what you need to be writing about.”

… And so it began.

Those sage words of advice were from Dixie Maria Carlton, my writing coach and also an established author in her own right, with many books under her belt. Including her recent and shamelessly controversial publication; That Sex Book, which delves into sex and relationships after fifty.

“Start a gratitude journal. Commit to writing every day and write it from your perspective as a forty nine year old woman in today’s world. How do you feel now that you have spare time with the kids all grown up, being a grandparent, menopause, sex, relationships, career – you’ve got a voice you just need to put it to paper.”

Part of me wants to accept this challenge with open arms. I’m already thinking of the topics I could write about and the spin I’d put on them.

Then the doubting thomas inside dies a little and sighs… why bother? I’m no different to every other wannabe writer out there, trying to find a voice in a sea of word vomit on the internet. Like… who really cares what a premenopausal woman, hurtling into middle age has to say about anything?

But then… if no one cares what I have to say, does that matter, and should I even give a toss?

Probably no. Actually, if no one bothers to read this blog, it’s probably a blessing.

There’s a saying; “Write like no one is reading”

Those words will set me free to delve into the topics that I REALLY want to write about.

A writing challenge will help me form good daily writing habits again – something I haven’t continued with after finishing my first (and only) novel. It will be a pseudo daily gratitude/personal journal, to acknowledge the journey I’ve been on, put some demons to rest and help me develop the courage to be the most authentic version of me for the years ahead. Writing stuff down can be cathartic, it’s good for the soul and it’s also a great way to relax. In fact, this first post has a word count of less than five hundred words and I already feel calmer and more at peace with the day, than I did when I woke up this morning.

So Dixie Maria… Yes, I accept this challenge. I will commit to writing daily. Warts and all.

It may be complete crap, but hopefully I’ll uncover some little nuggets of gold along the way and you never know, this little journal could help set free the writer lurking within.