“I had the pleasure of working with Karen during her prior role of DairyBase Manager (DairyNZ).

I found Karen to be incredibly organised, competent and committed – factors that guaranteed the success of our project and have undoubtedly underpinned her successful career in Information Technology and Business.”

Cam Neilson, Consulting Team Leader, Datacom



“Karen sets very high standards for herself which she invariable meets, she has understood and engaged IVS’s target market with considerable success…” 

Peter Webb, CEO, Independent Verification Services Limited



“I have worked closely with Karen for a number of years providing online development and marketing solutions. 

Karen has commisioned many complex technical solutions for IVS through WebSpring (a NetValue company). She has helped drive these to success by providing clear, concise technical requirements and working collaboratively to bring projects to completion. She has a great understanding of the online medium, and also recognises the opportunity and value for staff/customers in providing online solutions that improve process or address common business issues.” 

Nick Kemp, Formerly Web Team Manager, NetValue/Webspring



“Everest Group has worked with Karen for a number of years and has watched her grow within the Company.

Karen is a talented, dedicated, committed part of IVS and their success, particularly in relation to the development of business systems and structure, can be contributed to Karen.

We believe Karen has huge potential and is a rising star.”

Senga Allen, Managing Director, Everest Group Limited