How to evolve as a person

What does it mean to you… when you hear the word evolve?

Not as a human, a race, or as a society. But you.

When pondering this, along with other big questions in life, I think of how to evolve as a person, is a commitment to life long learning, embracing change and a willingness to making improvements to who I am and where I want to go.

To evolve is to abandon old habits and adopt new ones that, we hope, will help a person experience a physical, emotional or mindset transformation for the better.

Change only happens when you make the change, not before

People are always waiting for something to happen before they change their lives. But they have it backward; when you change your life, big things are more likely to happen – Jesse Itzler

Earlier this year, I set out on my own personal journey to transform and evolve. In my case, this has been centred around improving my health & wellbeing, as well as finding a new direction in my life to give me true ‘work life’ balance. I’m sick of paying lip service to the things I’ve been aspiring to be. It’s time to get real and get on with it.

My physical and mindset transformation

One morning the penny dropped. Midlife was upon me. And with midlife came changes in my mood, outlook on life, focus and also health. Unfortunately the adage of the middle age spread rang true in my case; for the past decade I’ve really struggled to keep the weight off and feel strong and healthy.

Ah, but it was a gradual and sneaky change. I’m one of those people who has religiously tracked their weight. I knew, that despite my sporadic dieting and fitness efforts, I was consistently gaining 1-2kgs every year for the past ten years. The onset of midlife definitely had a negative impact in the weight loss and belly fat department, not to mention an overall lack of energy, fatigue, breathlessness, hot flushes, loss of focus and an increased obsession with sugar and chocolate, all of which I was struggling, quite unsuccessfully, to get under control.

You name a diet, I’d tried it. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, no carbs, no sugar, cabbage soup diet, protein shakes and meal replacements, Garcinia Cambogia, Slimming Tea and other supposed appetite suppressants. I had my most previous success with Optifast some years ago where I managed to ‘white knuckle’ a 15 kg weight loss. Then as soon as I resumed a normal eating pattern, I put the weight back on. The Optifast shakes helped me lose the weight, but I didn’t learn healthy eating through the process.

Over the past two years my son has had a big lifestyle change and swears by the Keto lifestyle. He has had huge success with it. Whilst my son didn’t have weight to lose, he has seen a huge improvement in muscle tone, strength and stamina. His skin and eyes are brighter and he has energy to burn along with better mental focus and clarity. As I’m clearly a carb lover from way back, I thought his diet seemed quite extreme; literally no sugar, no fruit, no carbs… and loads of ‘good’ oils and fat, there seems to be so many rules to keep his body in Ketosis.

What many people fail to realise about doing a full keto diet, is that it takes weeks to get properly into ketosis through a strict eating regime, and something as simple as drinking a glass of wine can knock you back out of ketosis.

As an observer looking in, I admired his success and stick-ability, but I wasn’t sure the keto way was something I wanted to sign up for.

But when a friend introduced me to ketones, I thought, maybe, just maybe, I might be able to enjoy some ketosis related health benefits, without having to take on an extreme form eating regime (or completely cutting the odd treat from my vocabulary).

With a renewed commitment to a healthier and happier me, I started a Facebook Page to document my progress and hold my efforts accountable.

That was mid January 2019. It’s now April (fourteen weeks in) and I have more energy, fewer cravings and I’ve lost thirteen kilograms!

Drinking ketones every day has really cut the cravings and I’ve managed to make some big changes to what I’m eating and my relationship to food. Food is no longer the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing at night. I’m not obsessing about sugary treats. It’s been a huge mind shift and the results have shown in the dramatic fat loss and on the scales.

How do you know when you’ve experienced a transformation at a personal level?

I stumbled across a great article online titled 20 signs you’ve evolved as a person.” This paragraph jumped out at me:

Becoming evolved is a process that begins with a conscious awakening. After the awakening, you can no longer go back to the person you once were. As you dive deeper into your personal growth, you’ll see evidences that you evolved and changed.

I don’t ever want to go back. Every day is a gift and around every corner there’s a lesson to be learned and an adventure to be had. The best part of all about being a healthier version of me, is that I now have the energy and mindset to embrace and enjoy those adventures.

Live life in full colour and strive to be the best version of yourself.

What does it mean to you to evolve? Leave me a comment below, I’d love you to share your story.