“Prompt, helpful accurate and friendly.

Not overly pushy either.

Karen was able to answer my questions and provide good information. I can highly recommend.”

Alison Gygax, Birds Ferry Lodge  


A self confessed foodie, Alison and husband Andre own the beautiful Birds Ferry Lodge in Charleston on the West Coast. Together, they host guests from all around the globe and they provide beautiful dinners using much of the organic seasonal produce straight from their garden. Birds Ferry Lodge is the perfect location for a complete getaway – it’s a wealth of peace, seclusion and beauty. 

“Alison and I have enjoyed an incredible few months together really digging in to what Pruvit Ketones are all about. The thing I love about Alison, is that never takes anything at face value, she questions everything and does her homework. Where I would say, “hey it’s working and that’s good enough for me”, Alison is the woman who will question the science behind the product and wants to see the tangible evidence to back up product claims. It’s been a fantastic process, through which I’ve learned a lot about ketones which has helped my own journey towards a healthier me.” – KD Forsman