“I am delighted to be able to make comment on the many positive attributes that Karen Forsman has, and continues to contribute to this group.

Karen is a personable and well organised individual with all encompassing skill sets and undoubted leadership skills. In a very short time Karen has gained the respect of members and the community at large.

I am thankful for her ownership and work in modifying and maintaining our website and social media; as well as for her planning and analytical skills in assessing and reporting on direction and delivery of project and marketing initiatives. 

As Chairman, it is great for me to know, that when Karen accepts an undertaking, then I can be assured that it will be researched, carried out with professionalism, and completed within a designated timeframe…”

Geoff Schurr, Chairman, Advance Northern West Coast (ANWC)

Advance Northern West Coast is a volunteer-led group working on visitor promotion and tourism industry development for the Buller District. Funding is primarily through the Buller District Council and membership fees from Buller businesses which support this initiative. The ANWC team has over 1000 volunteer hours to advance the cause of more effectively promoting the Northern West Coast region.