“The thing that struck me when Karen shared her health and fat loss journey was how similar our experiences have been with previous diets and weight.

I lost 15 kgs with the Kate Morgan program around 10 years ago, but it didn’t last – as soon as I stopped, my weight just kept trending upwards.

I’m a singer and Karaoke host and there’s a photo on my Facebook page @rockaliciousnz from December last year at a local event. Looking back at that photo I just cringe. I have a huge belly, even though I’m wearing shapewear, it still looks like I am pregnant.

Now after drinking my daily ketones for the past few months, I have no visible belly at all and that’s in the same clothes. It’s happened in a very short space of time.

The changes have given me the confidence to take my performing career to another level. In the past, the main thing stopping me from doing putting myself out there was constantly worrying about my weight and how I looked.

I am so glad Karen introduced me to ketones. My weight is trending downwards with little effort and I believe this time this wil l be permanent.” Andy Gowland-Douglas, Rockalicious



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Andy and her business, Rockalicious offer hosted Karaoke and solo performances from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and other genres.

Using state of the art equipment to host Karaoke, you are assured of having the best possible experience and always feel like a Rockstar!

Covering events in Nelson, Tasman and West Coast regions of New Zealand.

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