Greetings from Cape Foulwind!

Freelance Writer & ConsultantHi, my name is Karen and I live on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Professionally I have specialised in business development, training, marketing, project and staff management. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had a rewarding and diverse career. Most recently I held a role as a project manager within the Dairy Farming industry, managing the operational aspects of an industry bench-marking database.

Over the years my blogs and writing has provided a creative outlet. To this end, my writing projects have been closely aligned to my personal interests – everything from hobbies, horses, health and fitness, parenting, my job and anything else that captured my imagination at that particular phase or stage of my life. In fact, I wrote my first fiction novel a few years ago, with a sequel slowly on it’s way.

Then one day I woke up and thought – ‘Is this IT?’

Those three little words gave me the kick in the pants needed to have a complete change of direction. Life would never be the same again…

After a lot of angst and fear, my husband and I gave up our comfortable salaries, sold our family home and moved to the South Island to run a small boutique motel. At the time, the motel was turning over less money than I earned in a year, so this was a huge move for us. There was many a night that I’d sit bolt upright in bed and wonder what on earth we were thinking.

What we fear most is usually what we most need to to” – Tim Ferris

From that point on, it’s been a roller coast of change, in a good way. There’s never a dull moment here on the coast, living life as a motelier and we meet amazing people from all walks of life. I feel truly blessed, we’ve got nature on our doorstep and I’ve finally got the head space I’ve been longing for to tackle some of the creative writing projects that have been simmering away in my imagination.

2019 is my year for transformational physical change and time to take steps towards a healthier (lighter) version of me. At times it’s been hard to let go of comfortable creature habits, but the upside has been the feeling of empowerment when I’ve felt and seen the changes an improvements I’ve created for my mind body and soul.

Life is a journey isn’t it.

With change as our only constant, I am committed to the following ideologies to guide the next and ensuing chapters of my life:

  • DiscoverNurture your curiosity
  • CreateUnleash your creativity
  • EvolveLive life in full colour

My goal is to authentically share my adventures towards a healthier version of me and a never ending quest for true ‘work life’ balance through my blog and my Facebook page @kazonamission. I hope you enjoy the ride and that in some small way I can inspire you to discover, create and evolve your world.

So if this is your year to make a shift, let’s talk – I’d love to hear what 2019 has in store for you!

Best wishes, Karen